Wood carving in general and in India in particular has been an ancient and widely practiced medium of art and craft. The craftsmen in Ulsoor in Bangalore belong to a family of traditional wood carvers who migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka around 30 years ago. Therefore, the style of wooden sculpture adheres to a distinctly Andhra identity. The bracket figures of rearing horsemen are a popular theme of the products crafted here. The process of wood carving consists of seasoned wood like teak or neem being cut into the required size and shape,chiseled with flat chisels and carved with simple tools to complete the creation. To cater to the demands of the customers, the carvers create the most traditional styled pieces. Products such as figures of gods like shiva and shakti, lotus motifs, raja-rani(king and queen) of red Sandalwood and mythical creatures are also carved here. The craftsmen here have an eclectic style as they are tremendously skilled in incorporating most regional styles which makes the art all the more different and beautiful.


Production clusters: Ulsoor, Kengeri Satellite Town


ProductsCarved wall panels depicting mythological scenes

                   Carved doors and pillars

                   Bracket figures

                   Sculpted idols


Tools: Flat chisels, files, Sandpaper