Achappam is a sweet and crunchy snack from the kitchens of Kerela. This dish is also popular in Goa, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia! Achappam also goes by the names, rose cook, rose cookies, and rosette cookies. Achappam is usually made on special occasions, and festivals. But there’s no reason not to make the snack an ordinary day!



  1. Mix the coconut milk and rice flour together. This becomes the batter. Break the eggs and add it to the batter.
  2. Put the sesame seeds, cumin seeds, and salt. Ensure that it is mixed thoroughly.
  3. Add up the sugar. Do it little by little. Mix it as the sugar is added.
  4. Look for a pan. Put oil in it. Heat the oil. Make an achappam mold. Put it in the oil. Get it fried.
  5. Continue with the process until you have fried all the achappam mold. Get the oil drained off it.
  6. Serve it at once.